Applauding ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things.

Presented in Phoenix, Arizona annually since 1977, the Hon Kachina Volunteer Awards program is designed to both recognize the achievement of outstanding Arizona volunteers and to increase public awareness about volunteerism.

The awards are presented by the Hon Kachina Council.

The Hon – or healing – Kachina Volunteer Awards program was originally conceived and presented by the Hon Kachina Council to honor people making significant volunteer contributions to the healthcare field. This program is an extension of the rich heritage of volunteerism provided by St. Luke’s Medical Center in Phoenix for nearly 100 years.

In 1980, the scope of the program was expanded to include volunteer efforts in all community service areas. That same year, a local television station joined the Hon Kachina Council as a co-sponsor.

Since 1996 St. Luke’s Health Initiatives has generously underwritten the administrative costs associated with the coordination of this year-long project.

Beginning in 1990, proceeds generated from the event were donated to a deserving non-profit volunteer-based organization. This year the proceeds generated from this event will fund increasing the awareness of volunteerism in Arizona.

The Council

The Hon Kachina Council is made up of men and women from the business community who volunteer time and spend many hours soliciting nominations and working through the arduous process of selecting the most dedicated volunteers in the community.

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