Hon Kachina Council Members

Active Members

  • Ben Allen
  • Diana Beaugrand
  • Melissa Costello
  • Patrick T. Derksen
  • Charles Finch, DO
  • John Finnegan, Vice President and 2012 Event Co-Chair
  • Charlene Flaherty
  • Julie Friedly
  • Bryan Gottfredson
  • John David Herman
  • Colby Hunter, Treasurer and 2012 Event Co-Chair
  • Chris Klecka
  • Kate Maynard, Secretary
  • Brian Moll
  • Josh Peterson, President
  • Richard Rodney
  • Leslie Rold
  • Byron Sarhangian
  • Mike Schwab
  • John Sollenberger, MD
  • Mark Staudohar, SLHI Foundation Board Liaison
  • Kathy Szur
  • Thomas Wisz

Past Active Members

  • Cash Beechler, MD
  • Sheri Statt Bercaw
  • Mary Collum
  • David Hadley, Jr
  • Dean Rennell
  • Mark Seckinger

Honorary Members

  • Brian C. Lockwood
  • William M. Murray
  • Ron “Saff” Saffer, CLU

Pam Betz, Executive Director

Susan Kricun, Public Relations Liaison 


Our Council Members Promote Volunteerism by setting their own example

The Hon Kachina Council is made up of men and women from the business community who volunteer time and spend many hours soliciting nominations and working through the arduous process of selecting the most dedicated volunteers in the community. They collect data, conduct interviews and present their findings which result in reducing the almost 100 nominations to a select number of finalists. These finalists are presented to a Board of Governors, a group of prestigious community leaders, to make the final selection. In addition, Council members also take the lead in attracting sponsors and soliciting contributions as well as attending to the many details of the awards program. Learn more about the Hon Kachina Council.


The Hon Kachina Council Fact Sheet
Celebrating 37 years of community support 

More than 400 Hon Kachina Volunteer Award volunteers have been honored since 1977!
  • 1970
    The Hon Kachina Council, originally known as The Luke’s Men, was formed as a men’s membership organization to support St. Luke’s Hospital.
  • 1977
    The group initiated the Hon Kachina Volunteer Awards. The Hon – or healing–Kachina Awards program was originally conceived to honor people making significant volunteer contributions to the healthcare field. Since then its mission has expanded to both recognize the achievements of outstanding Arizona volunteers and to increase public awareness about the importance of volunteerism.
  • 1980
    The Luke’s Men began a tradition of broadcasting the awards presentation in cooperation with local television stations.
  • 1986
    St. Luke’s Health System was sold and St. Luke’s Health Initiatives was established with the proceeds of the sale. The Council now operates under this umbrella.
  • 2002
    The organization underwent a transformation, changing its name to the Hon Kachina Council to better reflect its mission and revising its by-laws to enable women to become members. Today the organization’s membership is made up of business and professional volunteers. Along with their involvement in the yearlong process of soliciting and screening nominations, attracting sponsors, generating philanthropic contributions and organizing the many details of this prestigious program, they also tackle volunteer projects of their own and build a network of friends.