Terri Bowersock

We know Terri Bowersock as the founder of the largest woman-owned business in Arizona, but her high school classmates knew her as the student least likely to succeed. At graduation she was reading and writing at a third grade level and she was quick to make fun of herself before anyone e lse could. When Terri read statistics stating that ten percent of the American working population can’t read or do simple math and eighty percent of the kids at Phoenix detention centers are learning disabled she knew she had to do something. For the past 25 years Terri has given thousands of dollars of her own money and countless hours to educating people on this issue. Her goal is to instill confidence in those who suffer with learning disabilities and to set the example by telling her audiences, “You can do anything in life you want if you want it bad enough.” As part of her volunteer work, she decoded phonics and developed, the “Spelling Map” a book of visual phonetic maps designed to “simplify the spelling code.” She also developed the “Success by Mapping” handbook, which is a simple to use goal-setting guide for anyone who wants to design their life with purpose. On a regular basis Terri visits schools in the Valley with tools in hand, to offer the learning disabled children a new way to learn to read and write. In addition, she travels across the United States to speak at detention centers and women’s prisons. By teaching and telling her story, this successful business owner has become the face of hope and literacy for thousands of adults and children.

“As a child I didn’t know I had the right to learn. Now I know that everyone has the right to learn,” says Terri.