Reita Hutson

Gabriel’s Dream

Gabriel Chol Kuany, Nominator

“We all want to know that we have a purpose. God showed me mine through a beautiful young man with skin like polished ebony, bearing the name of an angel.”

They call her mom. Arizona’s Lost Boys of Sudan turn to Reita when they are in need of advice, tuition funds, when they are sick or have emergency needs, or when they just need a mom. The founder of Gabriel’s Dream (named after the first Lost Boy she helped), Reita is always there chauffeuring to medical appointments, helping with bills, finding jobs and nursing many boys back to health in her own home. She has recruited over 100 dentists to donate more than $1 million in dental care; raised $75,000 for educational scholarships; recruited 50 active volunteers and maintains an email list of over 2,000 people who lend financial aid, tutoring, mentoring and job assistance to the young refugees.