Raul Monreal, Jr.

Raul Monreal, Jr. is a magician. He makes ignorance disappear. He makes dreams a reality. Raul is an international songwriter, school administrator, professor, poet, novelist, reporter, inventor, chef, community activist, businessman and motivational speaker. He has served his community for 35 years and assisted thousands of people in a variety of ways including, education, immigration issues, welfare, family issues and health issues through a variety of organizations. Twenty-seven years ago, he helped to incorporate the town of Guadalupe. When the town was acknowledged, he vowed that Guadalupe would have an institution of higher learning. Today he is director of the South Mountain Community College Guadalupe Center. Recently, Monreal used his songwriting talents to provide opportunities for Latin American community youths to create a successful statewide American Idol Latin-style CD. All of the proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club of the East Valley and scholarships for South Mountain Community College students. Raul is a leader by example, and is an authentic “American Idol.”