Nomination Form Guidelines

Please read carefully. The Selection Committee will consider adherence to these guidelines and procedures when evaluating nominations.


The Hon Kachina Volunteer Awards recognize those people who have voluntarily contributed time and talent to the betterment of their communities, including but not limited to the areas of health care, social services, youth or senior activities, the arts, education, pets, justice, housing or nutrition.

Nominations will be evaluated with considerable attention given to the beneficiaries of the nominee’s volunteer activities and the impact those activities have had in Arizona. Preference will be given to those nominees whose work has benefited people or organizations with limited resources to help themselves. Activities in support of political candidates or ballot initiatives will not be considered when evaluating nominees.

Only INDIVIDUALS, high school age or older, are eligible for nomination. For students, academic course credit received for providing volunteer community service may be considered in the individual’s nomination.

Nomination Form

Download the PDF form or fill out the online form.

Selection Procedure

The nomination application must be completed in full. Do not enclose the application in a folder or binder.

Any individual or group may nominate one or more people. An individual may nominate a relative, himself or herself.

The nominator’s relationship, if any, to the nominee must be specified (i.e., self, wife, son, supervisor, organization executive director, co-volunteer, etc.).

Members of the Hon Kachina Council and the Hon Kachina Volunteer Awards Board of Governors make selections of semi-finalists and honorees. Their decision is final. All nomination forms and supplementary information become the property of the Hon Kachina Council and cannot be returned.

Electronic submission of nomination applications are preferred. To prevent losing any of your nomination information prior to submitting it on-line, it is recommended you print out your completed application.

For Hard Copy Nomination Applications

  • You may answer questions on a computer-generated duplicate, photocopied form or additional pages. Be sure to identify your nominee on each additional page.
  • Answer all questions. Be concise, but thorough.
  • Focus on nominee’s area(s) of greatest impact and innovation in the community.
  • Provide sufficient background information. Selection Committee members may know little, if anything, about your nominee and his or her organization(s).
  • Attach additional pages as needed. Answers continued on attached pages should include the nominee’s name. Please restate the entire question being answered.
  • You may provide any supporting information that you think will assist the Selection Committee. Supplemental information should support, not restate, what has already been written. Do not enclose videotapes, scrapbooks or other non-printed materials, as they will not be returned.
  • All information provided will be verified by Committee members.


The deadline for 2018 nominee applications is Sunday, October 1, 2017. Hard copy applications must be postmarked on September 30, 2017, and mailed to:

  • Hon Kachina Volunteer Awards
    3104 East Camelback Road, Suite 212
    Phoenix, AZ 85016


Applications can be submitted electronically to [email protected] or directly online. All nominations must be received by midnight on October 1st.

For questions, please contact Leslie Rold, President, Hon Kachina Council at 480-788-9792.

Thank you for bringing your nominee to the attention of the Hon Kachina Council.