Nate Anderson

Ear Candy, Phoenix, serves Valleywide

Angela DiMaggio, Nominator

The 28-year-old founder of Ear Candy has the looks of a rock star, the spirit of an entrepreneur and the staying power of the energizer bunny.

Through his Ear Candy Charity, Anderson picks up where many money-strapped schools leave off after scaling down or eliminating music and arts education.

On target to impact 10,000 school children this year, Anderson’s Ear Candy, founded in 2007, moves in three directions. It provides musical instruments for school programs lacking them and makes instruments available to kids who can’t pay for them; sponsors after-school music programs; and, through its Beyond the Classroom program, gives children the opportunity to tour studios, go to concerts, attend music workshops and more.

“Everyone has the capacity to give. I was fortunate that I found a way to bridge my skills and a cause.”