Judge Paul Donaldson and Kathy Donaldson

This Valley’s own dynamic duo began their partnership of public service to Metropolitan Phoenix in 1992. Since then they have gained a reputation in the Valley for “getting the job done”. That’s why, as a unit, they have been selected as “one” of the nine recipients of the Hon Kachina Volunteer Award for 2004. Retired Judge Donaldson and wife Kathleen founded the Paradise Valley Volunteer Parents Inc. They have worked tirelessly on the Polaris Alternative High School Teen Pregnancy Crisis Outreach Program, and built an on-site nursery so teens can finish high school without worrying about the expense of childcare. They built a game room for the Northeast Phoenix Boys & Girls Club so the children could have an after school place to go. But since 1998, their real passion has been Arizona Helping Hands. They put in over 60 hours a week providing resources and networking for the less fortunate. One of the organizations biggest events is the Annual Christmas Toy Drive. In 2003, over 46,000 toys were distributed to children in Maricopa County. Judge Paul was a judge in Ohio before retiring to Arizona. At 78 he is legally blind and requires the assistance of a cane or scooter to get around.

Kathy is a disabled/retired law enforcement officer who suffered a broken back on the job. Pain and handicap would be enough to retire most people to an easy chair but not these two. They won’t let anything get in their way when there’s a need to be filled or a child to be helped.