Every year, deserving volunteers receive the Hon Kachina Volunteer Award for their outstanding work in improving the lives of others in our community.

This year’s class of Honorees is as follows:

Julie Frisoni Shumway

Over the past twenty-seven years Julie Frisoni Shumway has dedicated thousands of hours to New Pathways for Youth. Julie has been a mentor, a friend, and a support to hundreds of youth, and has helped New Pathways continue their mission of support to the local communities. When Julie first got involved there were 5 volunteers, including the CEO. It was that small group that built the organization foundation and programs that help so many youth today. Over five hundred youth now participate with New Pathways on a yearly basis, many of whom wouldn’t make it past their freshman year in high school if not for the support, continued education, and friendship that is built in the program. Without Julie’s consistent involvement, advocacy, and dedication, New Pathways would probably not exist today.

Sherry Kiyler

With only two other volunteers, Sherry started the unheard of (until then) Family Liaison Program at the Phoenix Police Department. Over her career, the FLP has grown in close partnership with Parents of Murdered Children and has had over 300 volunteers pass through its doors. Over the years of its existence, the FLP has helped hundreds of Phoenix families suffering loss as the result of violent crime in the city. Sherry also serves an integral role for the Special Olympics, both locally and nationally. Starting her service with Special Olympics in the late 90’s, and directly due to her influence, the local chapter has raised over one million dollars for 2 of the last 3 years. Sherry has volunteered hundreds of hours with the Arizona Special Olympics for the past eight years. Sherry also volunteers with ICAN (Improving Chandler Area Neighborhoods), a program targeting at-risk youth in the Chandler area.

Barry McBride

Barry McBride has been a volunteer at Canyon State Academy for over 32 years, where he teaches ethics to the youth. He spends weeknights preparing lessons he will teach at the Academy on Sundays. On Saturday evenings, he commits his notes to memory. Barry serves on multiple boards including CSA (Christian Service Awards), he is the founding member of The Charter School Board, served as a volunteer at St. Mary’s Food Bank and ran the “Kids Café” which is an after-school food program to provide children with meals since many underprivileged children do not receive regular meals at home.

Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore is the Founder and Equus Coach of Reigning Grace Ranch, home to 45 mended horses that help heal and empower children and families struggling with adversity. The Ranch serves children with mental, physical, emotional, and functional needs, but most of all provides children with an authentic and safe place to discover their true potential. Amanda has dedicated all her time and energy to the horses, children, and volunteers that make up Reigning Grace Ranch since opening it in 2009.

Francisco Orozco

Francisco “Frankie” has been volunteering at SARSEF since he was 16 years old. When he was in high school, he won the Arizona State Science Fair and received a significant college scholarship, making Frankie the first in his family to go to college. He has since dedicated his life and service to helping kids like him. He has helped and inspired thousands of K-12 students by encouraging them to participate in science and to ignite interest in underprivileged children to study STEM areas. Frankie has taken his volunteer work to another level and SARSEF said they owe their success and upward movement all to Frankie. Without him, the organization would not be where it is today.

Lanette Veres

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1998, Lanette founded the Gray Matters Foundation to help patients cope emotionally. Her and her cadre of 200 volunteers help guide patients and their families through the web of hospital visits, surgeries, and the emotional ups and downs – and bring joy and hope in a time of stress. From her beginnings volunteering as a facilitator at the Barrow Brain Tumor Support group to now answering international calls at 4am from patients needing help (from over 30 countries), Lanette has always worked tirelessly – from simple gestures like handwritten cards and stickers to full design and decoration of patient rooms, every patient and family that Gray Matters touches feels that there is someone who cares and believes in them. To date, that number of lives touched reaches into the thousands.

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Help Us Find Past Honorees

We are trying to locate the following past honorees:

  • Jean Alm (1992) Sun City
  • Jean Jennings (2006) Coolidge
  • Steven Lee (2004) Scottsdale
  • Franklin McCabe (1991) Parker
  • Sherma McIntrye (1983) Tempe
  • A. Thelma Miles (1987) Mesa
  • Martin P. Moore (1997) Phoenix
  • Debi Sanders-Radden (1995) Sierra Vista

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