Fatimah Halim

Life Paradigms, Inc.

Harlem in the 1950s was home to mostly African Americans and Puerto Ricans and was a seething community of drug peddlers, gangs and deprivation. The Civil Rights Movement was still ten years away and the community was a hotbed of anger. Out of this turbulent environment Fatimah Halim emerged with a mission. She was determined to do everything she could to uplift women and girls of color and give them a chance at a better life.

In 1984 she founded Sistah Circles, a talking group, held in her home, to reach out to woman and offer support and give encouragement and inspiration. Then she started Rites of Passage, a culture and leadership development program for girls followed by a local arts-based education program called Journey Home: an Arts Experience for Incarcerated Women. Fatimah Halim saw the need to formalize all of her volunteer programs under one nonprofit banner so in 1996, Life Paradigms was founded with the all-encompassing mission of implementing positive and critical change in disenfranchised communities through the mental, spiritual and physical development of women and their children.

A grandmother of 13, Fatimah holds a full time position with the city of Phoenix while almost single handedly running her programs. When asked how she motivates herself she says, “Prayer, gratitude and love.”

To volunteer for Life Paradigms contact: www.Blueprintforwomanhood.com