Dustin Cox

Anytown Arizona

Jeremy Gorenstein, Nominator

“We have to foster the understanding that regardless of faith, race or sexual orientation, we’re all human and it is our humanity that unites us.”

Since junior high, Dustin has donated 10 to 30 hours a week to volunteer activities. A student leader, he soon became aware of Anytown Arizona, an organization that runs leadership programs for youths 13-24 to reduce racism, bias and bigotry. As an officer of the Human Relations Council, Cox was sent to Anytown Arizona’s summer camp in Prescott to gain skills that he could bring back to campus. When he became a student at the University of Arizona he continued his volunteer work donating thousands of hours to Anytown Arizona and a host of other social justice efforts. He created the concept of A-TOWN, a collegiate social justice and leadership conference. Now, that he has graduated, his dream is to help take Anytown Arizona and its message of unity through diversity and leadership worldwide.