Donna Bartos

Purple Ribbon Council, Peoria, serves Valleywide

Nancy Mercurio, Nominator

β€œIt was the worst phone call we could ever receive. My grandson crying Nanna, I need you now, my dad shot my mom” began a letter to Donna Bartos, describing an ordeal that would change the lives of a Pennsylvania family.

Donna is the founder of the Purple Ribbon Council, a grassroots, community-based domestic abuse prevention and awareness organization and an abuse survivor herself. She started the Purple Ribbon Council in 2006 to support, benefit and empower victims who are not accessing shelters or law enforcement and to bring hope to children orphaned by domestic violence.

The organization helps everyday people in the community such as friends, family members, co-workers, teachers and others learn to recognize the signs of domestic abuse and how and when to intervene.

β€œ Our goal is to Break the Silence, Break the Cycle and Save Lives.”