Carmine Iosue

Veteran’s Of Foreign Wars

Rosalie Bowen, Nominator

“I find that volunteering keeps me healthy physically, spiritually and mentally and it makes me feel a whole lot better.”

Carmine has lent a hand and given hope to hundreds of injured and homeless veterans over the past 30 years as a volunteer. After he was severely wounded in Vietnam, a VFW officer visited and encouraged him. As soon as he could walk he began to volunteer to reciprocated the favor. Although his injuries disabled him they never stopped him. Since 1978, he has donated 20,000 hours to veterans on behalf of the VFW. Today, despite debilitating leg pain and forced retirement he donates more than 20 hours each week visiting patients at the VA Medical Center. He brings encouragement and hope, helps Vets apply for benefits, delivers specimens, shuttles patients around the hospital and, in his spare time, collects donated items for patients.