Audrey Alderson

Audrey’s Angels

While visiting an aunt in a small group home for the elderly, Audrey became aware that the main form of entertainment was television and mealtimes. Alderson felt it was her duty to do something, and since she had been volunteering for most of her life, she knew it was a problem she wanted to tackle.

She discovered there were over 1,600 private small group homes with three to ten residents each and most without the resources to provide more than basic care. Audrey was determined to develop a program to address this problem and, in 2001, Audrey’s Angels was founded.

Today, Audrey’s Angels has grown to over 65 artists serving 100 group homes and day care centers in the Phoenix area and touching the lives of at least 2000 elderly people. The program is primarily a sing-a-long of classic songs from the era of the elderly, which helps jog aging memories. Arts and crafts activities are also provided to stimulate the residents in ways many have not experienced in years. It is a bright spot in their lives that they look forward to each week.

When Audrey sees residents who rarely communicate begin smiling or remembering words to a song she says, “It is God’s special gift to me to tell me we were making a difference in the lives of those who are often trapped in their bodies with a mind that no longer functions.”

To volunteer for Audrey’s Angels email Audrey at [email protected]