Anna Kitner

Jeffrey Halstead, Nominator

Anna Kitner has spent a lifetime reaching out to military families. Her volunteer work with the military began in 1961 at the Williams Air Force Base in Chandler. As a volunteer for the U.S. Air Force in Hawaii during the Vietnam War, she often was called in the middle of the night to rush to the airport to comfort stricken families arriving to accept fallen soldiers. As a volunteer at the Hickham Air force Base on Oahu, Hawaii, she also processed POW’s including one of the most famous, Sen. John McCain. Over the past 45 years, Anna has provided compassion, assistance and thousands of hours to military families.

Today, she is the Air Combat Command’s only volunteer Family Services Program director, and has been reporting for her volunteer activities at Davis-Monthan base in Tucson since 1975. The centers are designed to help families and personnel transition quickly to their new military community. Recently, she received her 30-year pin from Davis-Monthan for almost 25,000 hours of service. The reason for her tireless work behind the scenes is simple and humble. According to Anna, “There is a great need to help our military families and it’s very gratifying to know I have helped them in some way.”