Amy Gunty

Amy Gunty is the first to say, “How can I help?” At the age of 10, she started serving others through social and church activities, from baby-sitting children in the nursery during church services to leading teen groups in painting houses, working at soup kitchens, clothing drives, parent retreats and fund raising.

Life Teen, Inc. and St. Timothy’s Catholic Community in Mesa credit Gunty’s vision of teens actively participating in the community as a reflection of her “inborn ability to lead.” Her efforts include work with St. Timothy’s Child Care Center, tutoring children, serving at Paz de Cristo and Maggie’s Place (a house of hospitality for expectant mothers), visiting senior communities and delivering food boxes. When it comes to improving the life of another human being or encouraging others to get involved in their community, anyone who has met Gunty knows she will be the first to step up to the task and then inspire others to join her.