Joy Carter

Kathleen Karol, Nominator

Joy Carter is proof that one person can change the world. Best known as a member of the Phoenix City Council and Vice Mayor. Joy has also been a dedicated volunteer for 60 years. Her desire to help those 50 and older by promoting health and physical fitness through organized events, competition, and education spurred her to get involved in the Arizona Senior Olympics. For more than 24 years, she has been a driving force behind its growth. She has also received a Life Membership in the Salvation Army for her 27 plus years of commitment supporting youth, seniors, families, and disaster relief emergencies. A blood donor for almost 60 years, Joy has provided over 21 gallons, benefiting more than 650 persons and is a member of the United Blood ServicesLeadership Council.

She has sat at the helm of the Foundation for Senior Living of the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, the Salvation Army and the Jewish Federation of Phoenix. She also is a member of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society. She organized the first Back to School Clothing Drive in 1968 and helped spearhead the effort to open the St. Vincent de Paul Free Medical and Dental Clinic. For Joy, it is all about helping others and having fun at the same time. Her favorite motto is; “You’ve gotta give!”