Art Bans, of Show Low, Navajo County Attorney’s Family Advocacy Center –  Art Bans has supported our “unprotected class, our children” in rural Arizona through the Arizona Child and Family Advocacy Network, (AFCAN) in Show Low Arizona. AFCAN supports the establishment, sustainability, and improvement of advocacy centers that serve victims of sexual and family violence. Through Arts leadership, vision, volunteerism and fundraising, the center was founded in 2011 and has had a positive influence on 218 children who have been victims of sexual and physical child abuse.

Larry Comeau, Phoenix, Native American Connections/ HomeBase Youth Services – Larry has been a volunteer with Home Base Youth Services for over 14 years and has forever changed, not only his life, but the lives of thousands of homeless youth in Arizona.  He has been instrumental in leading their street outreach program, serving homeless youth between 18-24 years old in the Phoenix area. Through his street outreach efforts, he is able to meet the young adults where they are and offers them food, water, hygiene items and other resources to them.  Beyond the tangible, Larry has also gotten to know these young adults and has offered them friendship and compassion, with no judgment.

Jonathan Cottor, Phoenix, Ryan House – In 2004, Jonathan Cottor, along with his wife and community partners, established Ryan House as a childrenʼs palliative care program to provide Arizona families with a child facing a life-threatening condition an environment of excellent care and support.  In addition to spearheading the efforts to create the Ryan House and serving several terms on the Board of Directors, Jonathan volunteered himself and his family to serve as a spokesperson and case study for potential donors, supporters and the media to showcase the everyday struggles families faces to provide their ill children around the clock care.

Shannon Goldwater, Scottsdale, Feeding Matters – Motivated by her own experience as a mother, Shannon established Feeding Matters to provide resources and support to families with pediatric feeding difficulties.  She has brought together leading experts from around the world to bring pediatric feeding struggles to the forefront.  It is the only organization of its kind currently in the nation.  The program serves as a blue print in improving outcomes through a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach based on effective communication amongst medical providers and families.  Her efforts have impacted over 6,000 Arizona families and have influenced parents to volunteer and participate as mentors for individuals new to the program.

Jacquelyn MacConnell, Phoenix, Angels on Patrol – Lt. Jacquelyn MacConnell founded Angels on Patrol in 2003 with the mission to inspire police officers to make a difference in the lives of the victims they encounter each and every day. Through leading by example and education Lt. MacConnell has inspired others to provide services to over 1,000 children and family members that are facing extreme hardship.

Larry Ross, Phoenix, Omega Youth Leadership Academy – Through his deep, personal investment in the Omega Youth Leadership Academy, Larry Ross is inspiring uplifting change not only in O.Y.L.A.’s graduates, but in entire communities.  The organization has become a model for youth development across the nation and continues to enrich and uplift the lives of those involved.

Terry Wilson, Phoenix, Society of ST. Vincent de Paul – Terry has been volunteering for over 34 years and averages 160 hours a month as a devoted “full time” servant to the poor. Terry’s selfless behind the scenes efforts continues to make a major impact at Saint Vincent dePaul’s organizational productivity and process improvements that have streamlined organizational red tape and provides guidelines for others on overcoming organizational challenges and road blocks. He has written process & procedures and documented success stories that have been shared and implemented in over 147 different countries.